More than 40 finishing to reproduce tactile and optical veins, wavy and soft, shaped to make the surfaces of the edges look special; we reproduce the best laminates on the market.

Available in different textures, the “Tactile” collection has been conceived to give the surface a new visual code able to revive the classic and historicity of the design or the formal and contemporary rigour of geometric designs and lines.

The intersection of lines and volumes will make the edge attractive thanks to effects generated by the depth and three-dimensionality of the texture.

All finishes can be combined with our colours.


Available in different textures, the G-Tactile line gives surfaces a new visual code;
a combination of the historicity of the most formal and classic design with the geometric rigor of the most contemporary and modern lines.

The texture is deep and with a three-dimensional effect.

The finishes can be applied to all lines