Italiana Bordi began its activity with employees  in 2017. It was founded with the aim of affirming the Italian character of its products and as Company model at a time when the  “made in Italy” is an asset for all companies in the sector.

Right from the start, the company adopted an internal efficiency plan: personnel training and development, digitisation and automation of production processes, optimisation of the supply chain, valorisation of made in Italy, development of quality and R&D projects and environmental protection are some of the themes that Italiana Bordi intends to pursue and guarantee over time.

In early 2023, the company will launch InstaBord Bordo Pronto, an innovative platform where users can buy furniture edgings online, quickly and with no minimum order.

Italiana Bordi is also ready to have its say in Digital. The purchase of the latest generation of machines and software, allows textures and materials to be applied to processing models, which can create digital furniture edgings customised to each individual requirement. This reduces production time, minimises errors and improves overall efficiency.

Today, Italiana Bordi is ready to meet the radical changes and major transformations in the furniture and design industry. Innovation, adaptability and sustainable development represent new growth imperatives. We are always engaged in extensive research and development work to optimise processes and performance and provide our customers with technologically advanced products.

The goal that the organisation intends to pursue in terms of Quality Policy is to implement an organisational-management system in order to:

– realize, in a consistent and constant manner,  products that comply with customer and applicable mandatory requirements, expressing the role of Quality as a target to be pursued in every activity and company process to guarantee total customer satisfaction;

– promote the conditions for the development of a process of awareness and cultural growth of all staff;

– achieve and maintain levels of excellence in its sectors of activity, through;

– supply  products/processes that comply with current laws, regulations and standards;

– respect the  punctuality of deliveries and compliance with the defined schedule;

– contain  the  production costs so that  to guarantee increasingly competitive prices;

– select its suppliers in order to establish a list of qualified suppliers.

With this in mind, there will be a tendency to emphasise team work (the involvement of the entire structure and all employees is the essential element for success) in order to frame problems according to a logic increasingly based on integration between the various functions and aimed at implementing the customer-supplier relationship within all company processes.

These objectives are to be achieved through the continuous improvement of:

Efficiency: ability to make the best use of available company resources;

Quality: ability to satisfy the explicit and implicit expectations of the customer at every stage of the customer/company relationship;

Competitiveness: ability to identify the right balance between performance and price in relation to products.

Such an approach should best respond to customer needs, reinforcing the corporate image: at the same time reducing internal inefficiencies and non-value-added operations.

Ownership is committed to taking an active role in promoting and guiding all activities with an influence on Quality, through the diffusion at all levels of the concepts outlined above, the review and continuous updating of this policy and the objectives achieved.

The point of continuity for the fulfilment of these policies has been identified in the maintenance of the company’s Quality System certification in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

The company ensures that the policy is:

1) DIFFUSED by means of special training/information meetings and posting of the same on the organisation’s premises.

2) ENFORCED by means of periodic audits aimed at verifying compliance with the applicable requirements.

3) SUSTAINED through verification of personnel commitment and suggestions aimed at its implementation.

4) PUBLISHED EXTERNALLY by informing, where required, customers and in general anyone who requests it.


Become the Green Branding of the Furniture Industry.


Adopt “Green” solutions, both in production processes and internal practices. Operating by introducing green and environmentally friendly practices, using production techniques with a low environmental impact, spreading the culture of recycling.


Our Value Statement refers to Ethics, Efficiency, Reliability, Quality and Sustainability.


Italiana Bordi can count on production plants that are developed in over 15,000 square meters of highly technological and functional structure.

The workforce consists of 98 employees, all specialised and continuously trained, experts in the processing of carefully selected raw materials and in the optimized management of the production chain which has a total capacity of 40,000 kg per day.