Innovative plastic materials, Italiana Bordi choice

The excellence of Italiana Bordi edgings also comes from the choice of raw materials. In fact, over the years a careful selection of materials has been made, in order to propose to its customers only manufacturing processes made on the basis of innovative plastic materials that guarantees aesthetic appeal, functionality, sustainability, three different but equally important aspects. The innovative plastic materials of the highest quality from European partners.
The perfection of products is made possible by a high and continuous investment in modern technologies, but nothing could be possible if not supported by the use of innovative plastic materials of absolute quality coming from European partners.
Extreme flexibility and adaptability to any type of surface, maximum anchorage tightness.


All the innovative plastic materials  have research and quality in common, but then develop their own characteristics that make them specifically suitable for certain types of applications: in this, in this too, lies the enormous competence of Italiana Bordi professionals: always knowing the right choice to make.


A material with high aesthetic quality, specific for the production of furniture edges with glossy and matt finishes. Flexible and equipped with mechanical characteristics, ABS is suitable for edging made with the latest generation machines and for semi-automatic edging machines.
Peculiarity: excellent impact resistance, workability, perfect surface.


High-tech materials, used in all applications where self-extinguishing and anti-skidding are essential, such as raised floors.