Italiana Bordi products have been made with the end customer in mind, no matter if it is the big furniture industry or the small craftsman.

The study phase is a further moment of research, in which the professionalism of Italiana Bordi consultants can make the difference: once the characteristics of Italiana Bordi products have been illustrated, it will be easy to choose the most suitable solution and make the necessary customizations.


Super matt: modern lifestyle e Soft Touch.

The Super Matt edge, made with an innovative technique, guarantees high surface resistance and easy cleaning.

The natural sensation of contact thanks to the “soft touch” effect, the excellent colour intensity, the low light reflection and the perfect chromatic harmony with the panel surface, give the furniture a touch of elegance made possible by the continuous interaction between Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.


Unbeatable mirror effect, high refraction.

The Mirror and high gloss edge give the furniture a completely uniform appearance and unparalleled aesthetic perfection, thanks to its unique mirror effect and unprecedented surface flatness. Available in different colours, both in plain and wood colour, the Mirror and high gloss edge offers high impact resistance and good surface hardness, everything you need to have a top kitchen


Digital printing: where no one else dares. Customised solutions

Always at the forefront and ready to respond to market demands, Italiana Bordi uses the most innovative technology available for the printing and surface enhancement of its extruded products.

The digital printing, together with the high quality of the surface and the excellent finishes available, allows to offer a top of the range product, completely customizable with any final finish, from glossy to matt, up to textured.

The DIGITAL edge is available in all thicknesses.


Woodgrain: natural style for timeless charm

About 8000 essences, full-bodied, warm, lively, and refined, created to interpret the trends of the moment.

Research, experimentation, and technology to enhance the wood grain and to guarantee any type of prototyping in a very short time. The sophisticated colour variations obtained through a particular processing creates an intriguing visual effect thanks to the succession of opaque and glossy levels. Unique edges that embody timeless beauty and Italian craftsmanship quality.


A material texture created to enhance the kitchen tops and make them a natural monolith.

The “Materic Stone” collection faithfully follows all the distinctive features of stone: hardness, porosity, and strength. The rough effect of the surface stimulates sight and touch, letting that sense of extreme resistance to heat and all types of friction emerge. A bunch of colours, made with the most requested essences of the moment, is always available in stock.


Highly technological line aimed at responding to new trends in terms of interior design.

The Metal collection includes a series of colours capable of recreating all metallic effects (from chrome to satin aluminium, from copper to antique gold).

A special treatment gives these edges a surface resistance to scratches and chemical agents.

Available in various thicknesses and finishes, this product can be delivered with protective film.


The T-edges of Italiana Bordi are made of soft PVC and are designed for manual assembly or semi-automatic machines. Realized in various hardness or shore, solid colours, aluminium or wood colours, they are suitable for the realization of every kind of furniture.

We have about 250 standard shapes and in any case our technology allows us to make new ones to your design in just 7 days.

We have at your disposal more than 200 solid colours and about 300 wood colours.

We can produce different types of finishes for the items ordered: Matt, Glossy, Brilliant, Semi-Leather, Anti-scratch, Embossed.

The products have complex and different characteristics from customer to customer, therefore Italiana Bordi organizes packaging and transport in close collaboration with its customers, according to their individual needs.


Produced in coextrusion of rigid and soft PVC, it is the synthesis of Italiana Bordi experience in the furniture edging sector.

The attention to detail and the search for new solutions guarantees products of outstanding quantity and precision. The Dust Edging includes a series of profiles suitable for equipped walls and kitchen cupboards; rebate profiles for double doors and upper compensators complete the series.

Our company can realize profiles from technical drawing or help you in the design of new products. The dust seal edges are supplied with primer and ready to be applied with normal edging machines.